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HB Bulletin #41-15

HB Bulletin #41-15



January 8, 2015




The Employment Development Department (EDD) recently made changes to the Claim for Paid Family Leave (PFL) Benefits, DE 2501F.  Effective May 1, 2015, the EDD will no longer accept the old claim forms for PFL benefits.


The new claim forms are available to order on the EDD Forms and Publications page at or you may call 1-877-238-4373 to order more forms. The EDD encourages you and your employees to submit SDI claims and forms through our electronic claim filing system, SDI Online.  SDI Online is convenient, secure and reduces claim processing time.


If you are interested in learning more about this program please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




There are four parts to Medicare: A B C & D, the only two parts that are required to enroll once you, your spouse retire at age 65 are Medicare A & B only.  Medicare Part A is Hospital Insurance; it covers most of the medical necessary hospitalization, skilled nursing facilities, home health and hospice care.  Medicare B Medical Insurance covers most medically necessary doctor’s services, preventive care, durable medical equipment, laboratory testing, x-rays and ambulance service.


Example: Married couples in the ILWU, if you are eligible to retire and your spouse is currently active and enrolled in your coverage, YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENROLL IN MEDICARE B. Medicare A no premiums.  Medicare B – premiums are deducted from your social security.  


If retired and your Medicare premiums increase, please submit your SSA statement to ILWU/PMA Benefit Plans to receive adjustment on your benefit. For additional information, please call ILWU/PMA Benefit Plans at (415) 673-8500.





Death, Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment benefits are provided to active and retired Longshoremen who have eligibility under the ILWU-PMA Welfare Plan.  There are two separate programs of death, accidental death and accidental dismemberment benefits; Program I covers all eligible actively employed Longshoremen.  Program II covers all eligible Longshoremen retired under the ILWU-PMA Pension Plan or the ILWU-PMA Watchmen Pension Plan.  Enrollment is required and Beneficiary Form must be completed.  


Program I: Active Longshoremen

Death and Accidental Death benefits are paid to the Active Longshoreman’s designated beneficiary.  Accidental dismemberment benefits are paid to the eligible Longshoreman.

Death Benefit…………………………...$35,000

Accidental Death and Accidental

Dismemberment Benefit……………….$35,000


Program II: Retired Longshoremen

Death and Accidental Death benefits are paid to the Retired Longshoreman’s designated beneficiary.  Accidental dismemberment benefits are paid to the eligible Longshoreman.

Death Benefit…………………………....$7,500

Accidental Death and Accidental

Dismemberment Benefit………………..$7,500


NOTE: DA&D payments are NOT directly funded by Local 13.  All payments are funded, and administered by The Life Insurance Company of North America Group






A Burial Benefit is offered to Class A and Retired Members through MetLife.  To qualify, you must be a Member in good standing and complete a Beneficiary Form (available at Local 13 – Health Benefits Office).


Class A: Active

Burial Benefit…………………………..$5,200


Burial Benefit……………………$1,600


Grief Counseling:  Provides support, comfort, tools and services for coping with a loss or difficult life event to employees and their families – at work and home.  Up to 5 face-to-face sessions available per event.  Available with Basic life coverage  Online will document service available with all coverages

Funeral Planning Guide:  Easy-to-use guide for documenting information survivors will need after one’s death

Retire wise:  A four-part workshop series that offers comprehensive retirement education for all employees. Employees also have the option to meet with a local financial professional to discuss their specific circumstance and individual goals.


(All burial benefits will be paid to the designated beneficiary of your choice.  If a beneficiary is not designated, MetLife must wait until Probate names a Guardian prior to paying out any benefit.   Please make sure that ILWU Local 13, Health Benefits Office has a correct Beneficiary Form on file.)


NOTE: Burial Benefit payments are NOT directly funded by Local 13.  All payments are funded, and

          administered by MetLife.


REMINDER: To protect our members’ privacy and to avoid loss of documents, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE for friends or family members to submit or make any changes to your files, i.e. Beneficiary updates, add or delete dependents.




Attend your membership meetings, read your UNION Bulletins. DO NOT LISTEN TO RUMORS! Hear it first hand from your Officers and Caucus Delegates! We must support our Negotiating Committee and our Caucus Delegates.



Section 9 – Duties of Vehicle Operators – A vehicle operation shall carry out the following duties: Rule 901.  Shall test brakes, shifting mechanisms, accelerator mechanisms, windshield wipers, steering gear, warning safety lights, horn and, where equipped, seat belts and mechanisms for raising, lowering and tilting before starting work.  Upon completion of the inspection, the vehicle operator shall immediately report any defects to the foreman, walking boss or other employer representative on the job, who shall act promptly to correct the defect in the gear, vehicle, machinery or any unsafe working condition



The Health Benefits Officer maintains an open door policy, however, if you need special assistance, (i.e. retirement, disability or personal matter) we recommend that you schedule an appointment with Jerry Avila at (310) 830-6116.




In Solidarity,


Jerry Avila

Health Benefits Officer

ILWU Local 13


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HB Bulletin #41-15


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